AO Multispecialty Clinic’s very own Dr. Miriam Atkins has been elected as Vice President of the national Community Oncology Alliance! The Community Oncology Alliance (COA) is the nation’s only advocacy group dedicated exclusively to independent oncology practices and the patients they serve.

Meet Miriam Atkins, MD

Dr. Miriam Atkins has been an invaluable part of AO Multispecialty Clinic, the only privately-owned Oncology group in Augusta, since 2000.  Also, she is very active in the community and holds numerous leadership positions on local boards and at the hospitals in Augusta.
Dr. Atkins has served as Chairperson of the University Hospital Cancer Committee, University Hospital Network Composition and Growth Committee, and the University HealthLink Credentials Committee.
At this time, Dr. Atkins is currently President-elect of the Medical Staff at University Hospital, and a Board member of the Patient Access Network Foundation, an organization that helps patients with co-pays for medications. Dr. Atkins also serves as Medical Co-Chair for the Community Oncology Alliance’s Patient Advocacy (CPAN) section.
Without a doubt, Dr. Atkins is a long-time cancer care advocate.  She has a passion for maintaining community oncology and healthcare government reform.  In addition, she has been an active member of COA since its inception.
“This organization has grown from a small group of individuals to one of the most respected healthcare advocacy groups,” said Dr. Atkins. “We are on Capitol Hill and in the community… Our goal is to do everything we can to keep physician-owned oncology practices viable and thriving and to advocate for patients by meeting with our elected officials.”

The Future of Cancer Care in America

As Vice President of COA, Dr. Atkins will play an essential role in helping shape the future of the United States cancer care system. In short, the goal is ensuring every patient facing cancer can access local, affordable, and high-quality cancer care close to where they work and live. Community Oncology Alliance elected officials volunteer their time to guide COA’s policy stances and practice initiatives.
Dr. Atkins’s expertise and insight will be a valuable asset in COA’s long-standing collaboration with federal policymakers and agencies.  Furthermore, her leadership will help continue patient education and advocacy through the organization’s many initiatives.

The Importance of the Community Oncology Alliance and its Advocacy

Most people in the United States who are being treated for cancer receive their treatment in the community setting.  For this reason, the vitality of the community cancer care delivery system is critical for patient well-being.  The officers, committees, and board members of the Community Oncology Alliance all work together to further the organization’s mission.  Above all, that mission is to protect & foster the community oncology delivery system in our country through public policy, advocacy, and education.
Unquestionably, it’s important to make your voice heard!  Learn more about how patients and their families can support COA’s missions through COA’s Patient Advocacy Network (CPAN).  Please visit: to find out more.