We’d like to welcome you to AO Multispecialty Clinic’s brand new website. We hope that you’ll find this site easier to navigate and more helpful than ever before.
The launch of our new site coincides with our practice’s re-commitment to you. Our patients and their caregivers, families, and support networks are and always will be our top priority. As you likely already know, a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event – and now more than ever, we want to ensure that you’re thoroughly educated and always informed about every aspect your health, from the most up-to-date and effective cancer treatment options available, to information on local support groups.
Last year in the CSRA, 3 out of every 4 cancer patients in the CSRA chose to trust AO Multispecialty Clinic to help guide them on their cancer journey. Three out of every four! Being the number one choice in the area for cancer treatment is – simply put – an honor, and it’s one we don’t take lightly. We know that your health is your choice – and we thank you for choosing AO Multispecialty Clinic to be on your team and by your side every step of the way.
We always welcome (and encourage!) your feedback – and our new website is no exception. If there’s anything you would like to see us feature going forward, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
Again, thank you for allowing AO Multispecialty Clinic the privilege of being on your team.