A cancer diagnosis can feel a lot like a bolt of lightning out of the blue.
On top of the medical challenges a patient faces, the cost of cancer treatment can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, AO Multispecialty Clinic provides our patients and their families with as many resources as possible for contending with cancer treatment expenses.
Here are some tips that can help you better prepare for the cost of cancer treatment.

Get Organized

In order to maximize the time you have to strategize a medical bill payment plan, it’s a good idea to get organized. Have a particular place where you keep everything related to your medical history. Get a binder and create an easy-to-use filing system.
You will need to present your entire financial situation, and you’ll have to do it more than once.  Gather all your accounts and information in one place so that everything is easy to access and understand.  Make photocopies of your insurance card and other important documents and keep them filed here for quick reference.  It’s a good idea to keep this binder with you whenever possible, and be sure to bring it along with you to all doctor appointments.

Fund Raising to Cover the Cost of Cancer Treatment

When cancer strikes, it doesn’t just affect the patient; it affects entire families and their communities. If the cost of cancer treatment is daunting, you could consider creating a fundraiser to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.
When you become sick, your true friends will reveal themselves, and your support networks will begin to take shape.
As these support networks reveal themselves, they offer an opportunity to seek help. This is not a time to be prideful; this is a time to reach out and seek assistance from the people who care most about you.  Chances are, they’re already looking for ways they can help during your time of need, and they’ll feel useful by being able to contribute their time and efforts to your cause!  If you happen to have close friends who are particularly motivated, you could enlist their help to spearhead the fundraising; that way, you can focus on your treatment.
There are many, many ways to create effective fundraising campaigns.
Consider having a church bake sale.  Organize a 5K race.  Host a themed party and ask for donations at the door, and create fund-raising games for guests to participate in.  Throw a neighborhood yard sale.
GoFundMe.com is the largest personal fundraising platform on the internet, and it ties into other forms of social media. You can post a link to your GoFundMe page anywhere on the internet and link back to your funding page.
One of the advantages of using a service like GoFundMe is that you don’t have to personally hit up every single person you know for money. They’ll do it for you! You may be surprised at the generosity of your friends and family.
While you do get exposure on GoFundMe automatically, you can aid the process yourself by posting as much as you can. Drop a link on a community bulletin board, your Church’s website, or even on your high school reunion’s web page.

Stay Calm

You are about to embark on an emotional rollercoaster. There will be trying moments, but there will also be moments of relief, and of calm and clarity.
Learn to recognize those moments and take advantage of them. You might become nauseous or tired. In the moments when this abates, that’s when you act.
If you’re getting sick and tired in waves, plan your next three activities for moments when you are able to deal with your body. When you are sick, take that time to think about what you are going to do when you have the mental and physical energy to do it.
Join a support group that deals with cancer. Others in your group will also be struggling with the cost of the cost of chemotherapy and other bills. Ask them how they are handling it.

Seek Organized Help

There are many charities, civic organizations, religious groups and government projects that can help you. Have a trusted friend or family member help you do some research, and don’t be afraid to make phone calls. Call everyone and see where it leads.  In addition, AO Multispecialty Clinic provides on-site Patient Advocates who are dedicated to helping you every step of the way during your cancer journey.  These Patient Advocates can assist you with your financial challenges in many ways, including applying for grants on your behalf to help lessen the cost of your cancer treatment!
The American Cancer Society supports several mainline programs to help cover the cost of cancer treatment without insurance. You can find out more information on their website.
Another program the American Cancer Society sponsors is the “Road To Recovery”. This program provides transportation to and from treatment for patients who can’t get there on their own.
There are many other programs that are available for both patients, and the loved ones who are also affected. The Cancer Survivors Fund can help with school scholarships for children and housing assistance.
By being organized, facing things directly, and seeking help, you’ll have the best chance to manage this season of your life successfully.
Click here to learn more about the financial assistance and counseling services available here at AO Multispecialty Clinic.