Are you searching for the right clinic for your family this fall? Choose one with an on-site dispensary.

Research shows that 90% of large hospitals today operate specialty pharmacies. These types of pharmacies are growing in popularity because they may improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and decrease patient costs. The market for these pharmacies is anticipated to grow by 8% yearly amid rising drug prices through 2025.

How can a clinic with an on-site pharmacy benefit you? Let’s explore four benefits of choosing this type of clinic.

1. Care Convenience

Visiting a clinic with an onsite pharmacy is more convenient than going to a traditional pharmacy. This is especially true since doctor wait times may already be long. Research shows that a patient typically waits for 18 minutes to see their doctor each visit.

Waiting is often unavoidable at a traditional pharmacy since the pharmacist and their staff are often overworked. This means you have to wander around the retail store while waiting for them to fill your prescription. You might have to do this even if you don’t feel well.

Going home and returning to the store later may be an option. It’s not the best choice, though, if you live far away from the pharmacy. This move will cost you gas and time.

Let’s say you decide to stay home and pick up your prescription tomorrow instead. You’ll have to wait a day to start taking the medication you’ve been prescribed. This won’t work if your doctor has instructed you to take the medicine immediately.

Choosing a clinic with an on-site dispensary will save you time and hassle. You likely won’t have to wait in a long line to get your prescription filled. Having the pharmacy at the clinic will save you an off-site pharmacy trip, too.

You’ll also save time when working with an on-site pharmacy since communication between the pharmacist and doctor is streamlined. There’s no need to wait for phone calls to happen between your doctor, your pharmacist, and your insurance company. These three parties will work together to fill your drug right away.

2. Excellent Patient Follow-Up

Another reason to use a clinic with an on-site pharmacist is they offer excellent medical treatment follow-up. Traditional pharmacies don’t usually call their customers to see how they’re tolerating new medications. On-site clinics do.

Quality on-site pharmacies are passionate about developing relationships with their patients. The pharmacy team will gladly answer any questions you may have about how to take your medications. This includes helping you understand and address the side effects you might be experiencing.

Your on-site pharmacy team can even work with your doctor to tweak your care plan, including your medication. Consider the pharmacist a vital part of your clinical care team.

3. Emphasis on Relations

Pharmacists’ interactions with customers in traditional pharmacies are strictly transactional. They and their techs serve hundreds of customers with different questions and medication needs daily.

Traditional pharmacy teams are usually overworked as mentioned earlier. They lack the time needed to fully support and connect with each patient.

This is where an on-site dispensary shines. Your doctor can work directly with the pharmacist to educate them about your medical condition and medications. The pharmacist will understand your care journey and can support you more personably and effectively (more on pharmacy support later).

On-site dispensary pharmacists also have more time to get to know you than traditional pharmacists would. This may make going to the doctor and pharmacist a more comfortable experience.

4. Medical Care Support

An on-site pharmacist may give you more support than an off-site one would. This might improve your patient outcomes.

Many patients undermine their healing and health by failing to take their medicines properly. This is called non-adherence. It exists in three forms:

  • Prescription misuse
  • Not taking a prescription long enough
  • Not filling a prescription

On-site dispensaries can’t force you to take your prescription medications. They can support you so that you leave them feeling informed about your medicine. This will help you get as much out of the prescription as possible.

You may have questions about your drug’s possible reactions and what’s normal. What happens if you miss a dose? How frequently should you take the medication?

Your on-site dispensary can answer all of these questions. They can even refill your prescription professionally and quickly.

Collaboration With Your Care Team

Your on-site pharmacist will be able to access your patient history. This includes the doctors you’ve seen and the medicine you’ve taken. Having this information may help them counsel you on safe medication usage.

Your on-site dispensary’s collaboration with your doctor may help reduce outpatient medicine errors. This can become a major problem if you jump from one pharmacy to another after a doctor’s appointment or procedure.

A hospital with an on-site dispensary should operate cohesively, with all team members being on one accord. These members include pharmacists, physicians, and discharge planners.

Ask your prospective clinic with an in-house dispensary how often they complete training to improve their patients’ outcomes. The best clinics have protocols and technologies to leverage patient data and streamline their communication for the best results.

When you choose a reputable clinic with an on-site dispensary, you’ll leave the medical center with your medicine in hand and a strong knowledge of the next steps to take. Working with the right doctor and on-site dispensary may lead to fewer complications and improved health outcomes long-term.

Choose an On-Site Dispensary Today

An on-site dispensary offers several benefits over a traditional pharmacy. Your on-site pharmacy can give you the follow-up and support you need to take your prescription medication correctly. They’ll answer your questions and help you address your medicine’s side effects in the best way possible.

Your on-site pharmacist will also work with your primary care doctor to make sure you receive the correct medication for your situation. This collaboration can enhance your health care outcomes.

At AO Multispecialty Clinic, we offer a high-quality in-house dispensary. Our other services include diagnostic imaging. Contact us to learn more about our services!