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How to Reduce Joint Inflammation


About one in four adults has arthritis, with 25% of these patients suffering from severe joint pain. As a result, about one in 10 adults feels unable to perform certain activities. Chronic joint inflammation could impact your mobility and quality of life. Before that can happen, use these tips to learn how to reduce joint inflammation. With [...]

How to Reduce Joint Inflammation2022-09-12T20:36:13+00:00

The Complete Guide to Infusion Therapy: Everything to Know


Chronic conditions are those that last for more than a year and they are more common than you might expect, so it only makes sense that there are more treatment options for these different conditions than ever before. In the past, most types of medication used to be administered orally, but infusion therapy is becoming more [...]

The Complete Guide to Infusion Therapy: Everything to Know2022-09-23T17:31:58+00:00

The Different Types of Arthritis, Explained


About one in four adults in the US have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Although many of us are aware that arthritis is joint pain that feels as if it's deep in the bones, some people aren't aware that there are different types. There are actually lots, and every case of arthritis is different. If you have this condition, it's [...]

The Different Types of Arthritis, Explained2022-07-27T19:54:02+00:00

Rheumatic Diseases: What Patients Need to Know


You've likely heard about one of the more common forms of rheumatic disease: rheumatoid arthritis. In the U.S. alone, this disease affects nearly 59 million people. You might even be dealing with the effects of it yourself. Like other forms of rheumatic diseases, arthritis affects the joints and bones in your body. However, many other rheumatic diseases [...]

Rheumatic Diseases: What Patients Need to Know2022-07-11T18:59:23+00:00

Oncology: The Branch of Medicine Dealing With Cancer


The American Cancer Society recently reported an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases in the United States. And across the globe, cancer is the leading cause of death. It's no wonder that there's an entire field of medicine devoted to studying and dealing with all aspects of this pervasive disease. Now, you may have heard of [...]

Oncology: The Branch of Medicine Dealing With Cancer2022-06-10T14:26:22+00:00

How to Care For Your Body After Cancer Treatment


Cancer is still a major threat and is the leading cause of death worldwide. But with a better understanding of the disease, more people are able to seek treatment and go into remission. Did you recently go through cancer treatment and survived this horrendous disease? If so, you're a strong person on the inside and out. Now that [...]

How to Care For Your Body After Cancer Treatment2022-05-23T19:54:09+00:00
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